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KCCC History

Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Church started from the Bible Study Group (Bible Study Group) established on December 7, 1984. At that time, four local Christian families (Xu Anting, Peng Wujian, Tang Xingyi, and Wang Zuoyuan) were touched by God to set up a Bible study group and started weekly Bible study meetings. After 1985, several Christian families had joined (Li Qisheng, Weng Zhaojie, Lai Junqing, Qiu Menglin, Liang Zhenguang, Sun Fenggang, Huang Weiqiao, etc.). God sends His servant Pastor Lin Youying to drive from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo every Friday to serve and lead the Bible study faithfully.


In 1988, the Bible study group was renamed to Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Fellowship (KCCF). In addition to the Chinese Bible study meeting every Friday night, it also participated in Sunday English worship at the local American Church (Second Reform Church). 


In 1992, God sent His servant Pastor Shen Delai to lead the Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Fellowship. 


In 1994, because of the vision of "Worship in Chinese on Sundays", he began to pray and plan to build a church. Miraculously, God has prepared 14 acres of land for us, which was called the "Promised Land" by the brothers and sisters. The plan of the church's building has begun. 
On September 26, 1998, the construction of new building was completed. In the same year, Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Fellowship was also renamed to Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Church. 


In 1999, after seven years of faithful service in Kalamazoo, Pastor Shen Delai was called by God to serve in the Baltimore Chinese Church.


In 2000, God led his servant Pastor Michael Wang Keqiang from California to serve at KCCC, bringing a new music style of worship into the church, forming the church's unique blend of modern and traditional worship styles. 


In 2002, the second phase of the church expansion project has begun to add classrooms for the adults and children Sunday school. 


In 2012, due to the needs of the church's English ministry, Pastor Dave Mason was invited to support the church's English ministry on a part-time basis. 


In 2014, after 14 years of faithful service in Kalamazoo, Pastor Michael Wang Keqiang was called by God to serve in Seattle Chinese Church in October 2014.

In November 2014, God called His servant James Jin to serve KCCC. 

In November 2015, the church revised the charter and added an elder. Brother Christopher Lai was elected as the elder to support our Chinese and English pastors. 


In 2016, due to the vision of "Serving the community by serving the next generation", the third phase of the church expansion project was started, with an additional building area of 5,500 square feet, including a multi-functional activity hall and new classrooms for Sunday school. 


On February 5, 2017, dedicated to God, the third phase of the expansion project was completed. 


In November 2017, Pastor James Jin was ordained as the pastor of KCCC. He has faithfully served God together with the English pastor, elders, and the church and labor union, and has served the church to this day.



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